Our Consultants are truly committed…to results
Our Consultants are truly committed…to results

What makes us different

We approach the world of consulting a little differently to what you may be used to.  

We are driven by a belief that clients deserve more from their consultancy. When it comes down to it, we know that what you are really after is a consultancy that will actually deliver. And we mean really deliver. To bring success, and to care about your programme as much as you do.

Our whole culture is built around being able to deliver large scale programmes for you. You will find it refreshing that we are independent, as this means that we don’t come with a hidden agenda. However it’s our people and business structure that make our proven delivery approach what it is, too.

Here’s why. With the ‘big’ consultancies, we know that it’s impossible for consultants to be wholly motivated to deliver, and this is because of the business culture.  At the larger consultancies, the more senior you are the more you need to concentrate on growing your team. How can they deliver effectively if they are distracted with trying to sell to you and gain promotion? Let’s be clear. At Chaucer, we are not about giving you one consultant with a view to growing this to ten. We are about giving you the best people for the job and focusing simply on delivering your programme.

What’s more, our people are exceptional at delivering for a reason. On average, a Chaucer consultant has spent at least 12 years in industry before joining us. We believe it’s not just about qualifications. You need someone who has actually walked in your shoes in order to understand what you face, and we find empathy goes a long way. A consultant who is personable can make a big difference. Our people are capable, not arrogant and they are on your side.

But most importantly, our people want to deliver a programme through to the end. Our consultants can be on programmes for several years, because they take ownership and are driven by the same thing that drives you: results, and a genuine commitment to the cause.

We look hard for the right people to join our team, simply because we know they are the people you need on your team.

What our clients say:

"Chaucer has quite a personal touch. I really feel that the Chaucer team are committed to our needs and getting the job done"

"Chaucer brings in talented people who are flexible and adaptable and willing to work hard to get the job done. Chaucer has the ability to attract good people and to retain them which says a lot."

"Chaucer's main strength is its flexibility. Chaucer’s flexibility differentiates it from other providers."

We would love to hear more about what you are looking for from your consultancy. Give us a call if you would like to hear more about our refreshing approach on +44(0)203 141 8400 or contact us