What we are looking for

We look for people who enjoy working directly with clients to solve their most complex problems and help them on their journey to success. We look for a passion to develop a career in management consulting and a keen interest in how technology and digital are shaping the world around us even if you have no previous consultancy experience.

People join Chaucer because they want challenging work and rapid career progression, they stay at Chaucer because of our people and “start-up” culture that has allowed us to attract and retain the amazing talented people who make Chaucer, Chaucer.

We are all individuals, hierarchy is minimal, everyone participates, and everyone collaborates.

Our hiring process has been designed not just to test, but to engage. Instead of assessing based on a perfect fit to a specific need, we ultimately hire people who are a good fit for the overall company.

If you don't see your perfect job role here, but still think you would be a good fit for Chaucer, please email your CV to chaucer@jobs.workablemail.com