Momentum and maturity

Maintaining the integrity of your company, customer and employee data is an operational, reputational, ethical, and ultimately financial imperative.

The losses of failed strategies are too substantial to put cyber security maturity into the ‘to do’ pile.

At Chaucer, we believe cyber security is an enabler not an obstacle to business; that information security and data protection should work with and for you.

Our transformation strategies are human-centred, realistic, supportive of your ambitions and ensure compliance. No matter how many markets you work in.

And taking your people on the journey – at every level of your business – is how we get the best results.

Our energy and commitment to shared learning, build the momentum for new ways of working and the cyber security maturity you need.

Audit and Assurance

We provide independent, actionable, and tailored advice against frameworks, legislative and regulatory requirements. Our highly experienced experts conduct assessments and manage subsequent remediation activity.

Operational Security

We offer support to organisations in breach investigations, communications, and subsequent remediation activity. We also offer long-term services such as interim CISO or ‘Virtual CISOs’ for organisations who have not yet invested in permanent resources.

Data Protection Services

We provide the full spectrum of Data Protection support, from health-checks to training and capability delivery. We provide specialist expertise in data protection – focussing on UK/EU legislation but with global considerations.

Information Security Capability Development

We prepare organisations to adopt new capabilities by conducting maturity assessments and benchmarking, then supporting delivery of strategy, operating models, and building architectures for current situations and defining future target states. We leverage our extensive experience and history in delivering digital transformation to implement, embed and operationalise the new capabilities.

Information Risk Management

We support organisations to develop their Information Risk Management maturity, we can handle current issues and breaches and help develop understanding of the threat landscape. We can conduct 3rd Party Risk assessments and support the delivery of required remediations.

To discuss your organisation’s Cyber security needs with one of our experts, please complete the form below to receive a free 30min consultation.

Blog 12 Oct, 2020

Change Management, Agile

Change Management, Meet Agile

Surbhi Dewan

Management Consultant

Blog 22 Sep, 2020

Innovating Services, Not Servicing The Idea Of Innovation

Julian Jordan

Management Consultant

Julian helps businesses solve complex problems through innovating new service offerings and business models. He is passionate about how design can bring benefits to users and how innovation is much more than a check box exercise, and that having the right structures and frameworks in place for your organisation can be the difference between a good idea making it to market or remaining in someone’s inbox. With a background in IT and process analysis, he trained as a business designer and appreciates the cultural and mindset changes needs to effectively combine business and technology change. He leads the Innovation Strategy and Business Design communities within Chaucer.

Blog 18 Sep, 2020

Data Strategy, GDPR, Privacy, Test

What Comes After The Privacy Shield?

Paul Gillingwater MBA, CISSP, CISM, RHCE

Management Consultant

Paul Gillingwater GDPR, ISO27001, PCI/DSS, GRC, DPA18

Paul is a Managing Principal Consultant and registered DPO at Chaucer who has worked for more than 30 years as a cyber security and risk specialist and advisor to businesses, government and non-profits with their governance, regulatory and compliance requirements. Over the past five years he has focused on UK & EU data protection and is a passionate advocate of online privacy rights education.