Strategic Planning For An Unpredictable World

Join this Chaucer Live Session where we will explore the key considerations for strategic planning, pitfalls to avoid, and best practice that is grounded in the reality and pragmatism.

10:00 – 11:30


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22nd September, 2020, 10am – 11:30am

Strategic Planning For An Unpredictable World

There are a myriad of well researched and documented reasons that strategies fail but what's often overlooked is simply the organisation’s own capability to deliver the intended strategic plans.

Whilst it is admirable and even recommended to ensure your strategy is a stretch, it needs to be rooted firmly in reality and pragmatic enough that frontline staff and mid management can understand, engage with, and deliver it.

Traditional strategy frameworks and theory have stood the test of time but need to be tempered with real world considerations and modern working practices and constraints. Critical to this is the suggestion that the age old “iron clad” 3 yr and 5 yr “strategic plan” needs to be far more adaptive to survive even 3 months in the current pace of change.

Chaucer's Strategy Practice Lead, Rupert Coles, will be joined by Ian Stuart to present an outline of the key considerations for strategic planning; pitfalls to avoid; and best practice that is grounded in the reality and pragmatism learnt from working with numerous clients in different industries around the world.

Guest speakers will present their own experience of formulating and implementing strategies that have worked to a greater or lesser degree for them in their own organisations; and there will be time for both Q&A and peer level networking within the session.

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