Perception and reality

Purpose today is a much-used term, but few organisations have a shared understanding of what their purpose is.

Even fewer have a vision of what it looks like to achieve it, or a clear and structured pathway of what it takes to get there. Only a minority successfully realise the gains they set out to achieve.

Chaucer makes sure your strategy is built around a solid purpose, not false ideas about what your customers want, or your organisation can deliver. We also make sure you know what the outcome of your strategy looks like before you focus too much on “the strategy plan”.

We can help you bring all levels of the organisation with you, to ensure every activity the strategy depends on is carried out with commitment.

Our pragmatism about setting tasks and goals within the realms of capability helps to create the buy-in you need.

Many of our strategists have run businesses themselves, led people during uncertainty, and managed big teams. Which furthers our ability to deal with false perceptions and ground your strategy in reality.


We help you determine the correct paths for your organisation to travel to reach your vision, we develop the tactics you need to implement to ensure you survive the journey.

Business Design

We create innovative ways to solve challenges and deliver value for customers by combining design, strategy, and analysis to improve every element of your business model.

Target Operating Model

We help you structure your organisation, your capabilities and your partner and supplier relationships to help you deliver value to your customers. We work with stakeholders to develop the appropriate Operating Model to achieve your organisation’s goals and make it a reality.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We identify opportunities to enter new markets or expand your customer or product portfolio through acquisition which align with your organisational goals. We help minimise risk and leverage the right opportunities whilst building organisational capability and expertise.

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Blog 18 Nov, 2020

People Development

The Perils Of Presenteeism

Dani Lindley

Management Consultant

“Powerful communications come from the heart of your values and reflect as well as foster your authentic company culture”

Dani takes pride in the difference she makes for her clients and within Chaucer by putting people at the heart of everything she does. She has over 10 years of experience across several industries throughout Europe which enables her to apply a refreshingly creative yet efficient approach to complex client challenges in particular around communications, engagement and people development.

Blog 11 Nov, 2020

Innovation, Life Sciences

Accelerating Innovation In Life Sciences

Tom Macfarlane

Management Consultant

Tom Macfarlane is a commercially-minded strategy/transformation professional and an Associate Partner at Chaucer Group. With a background in neuroscience and pharmaceuticals, he retains a specialist interest in the life sciences, but has served in leadership roles across industry verticals and in both the corporate and public sectors.

Blog 04 Nov, 2020


Chaucer Welcomes Ian Miller, Head Of Public Sector


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