Perception and reality

Purpose today is a much-used term, but few organisations have a shared understanding of what their purpose is.

Even fewer have a vision of what it looks like to achieve it, or a clear and structured pathway of what it takes to get there. Only a minority successfully realise the gains they set out to achieve.

Chaucer makes sure your strategy is built around a solid purpose, not false ideas about what your customers want, or your organisation can deliver. We also make sure you know what the outcome of your strategy looks like before you focus too much on “the strategy plan”.

We can help you bring all levels of the organisation with you, to ensure every activity the strategy depends on is carried out with commitment.

Our pragmatism about setting tasks and goals within the realms of capability helps to create the buy-in you need.

Many of our strategists have run businesses themselves, led people during uncertainty, and managed big teams. Which furthers our ability to deal with false perceptions and ground your strategy in reality.


We help you determine the correct paths for your organisation to travel to reach your vision, we develop the tactics you need to implement to ensure you survive the journey.

Business Design

We create innovative ways to solve challenges and deliver value for customers by combining design, strategy, and analysis to improve every element of your business model.

Target Operating Model

We help you structure your organisation, your capabilities and your partner and supplier relationships to help you deliver value to your customers. We work with stakeholders to develop the appropriate Operating Model to achieve your organisation’s goals and make it a reality.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We identify opportunities to enter new markets or expand your customer or product portfolio through acquisition which align with your organisational goals. We help minimise risk and leverage the right opportunities whilst building organisational capability and expertise.

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Blog 22 Sep, 2020

Innovating Services, Not Servicing The Idea Of Innovation

Julian Jordan

Management Consultant Julian helps businesses solve complex problems through innovating new service offerings and business models. He is passionate about how design can bring benefits to users and how innovation is much more than a check box exercise, and that having the right structures and frameworks in place for your organisation can be the difference between a good idea making it to market or remaining in someone’s inbox. With a background in IT and process analysis, he trained as a business designer and appreciates the cultural and mindset changes needs to effectively combine business and technology change. He leads the Innovation Strategy and Business Design communities within Chaucer

Blog 18 Sep, 2020

Data Strategy, GDPR, Privacy

What Comes After The Privacy Shield?

Paul Gillingwater MBA, CISSP, CISM, RHCE

Managing Principal GDPR, ISO27001, PCI/DSS, GRC, DPA18 Paul is a Managing Principal Consultant and registered DPO at Chaucer who has worked for more than 30 years as a cyber security and risk specialist and advisor to businesses, government and non-profits with their governance, regulatory and compliance requirements. Over the past five years he has focused on UK & EU data protection and is a passionate advocate of online privacy rights education.

Blog 05 Aug, 2020

Agile, remote working, ways of working

Top Tips To Ensure Successful Distributed Agile Teams

Todd Bennett

Management Consultant Todd is a Managing Consultant with significant expertise in Agile. Todd specialises in delivering technical and non technical pieces of work, coaching and training senior leadership, and leading large scale Agile transformations. Todd is passionate about Agile the methodology, the frameworks within and has a keen interest in the Agile mindset. Todd uses a people focused approach, ensuring greater collaboration and team engagement is achieved, resulting in greater efficiencies.